Lawn Mowing Services

RLawn provides you with quality lawn mowing services in London, ON. It is our utmost goal to leave a good impression to our valuable clients when we carry out our job. We do it with customer satisfaction in mind.

Our full lawn mowing services include:

  • The walker mower follows the contour of your ground and vacuums the clippings as it cuts. Grass clippings are removed as necessary leaving it a pristine-looking lawn.
  • Power edging of the sidewalk, street curbs, driveway, and around patios.
  • A string trimmer is used around all structures on your lawn property where needed.
  • Blowing off the grass clipping back onto the lawn.
  • Grasses are cut at different heights throughout the season to maintain a healthy-looking lawn.

Lawn Mowing service! We do not just mow your grass we manicure it!

We use top-quality equipment to give you the best looking manicured lawn that we can. 

Taking those extra steps to make sure your place is looking the way it should and it does not bother us since RLawn is after Quality Work, we all can be proud of.  

RLawn prides themselves on giving their customers Reliable Service that they can count on.

Our trailer is out front witch means your lawn is representing RLawn as well. Therefore, QUALITY should always be placed first. Short cuts are not acceptable.

You be the judge, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work then you can look elsewhere without being trapped into a contract. That’s how satisfied we want you to be with our work. We know you will be happy & want you to recommend us to your neighbors /friends and family.

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