Residential Snow Removal in London, Ontario

Introducing our premier service of snow removal in London, Ontario designed to keep your
surroundings clear and hassle-free during the chilly months. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of
shovelling and plowing, and let us handle the snow for you. Discover the joy of a worry-free winter
with our reliable and professional snow removal solutions.

Why Choose RLawn Snow Blowing Service

  • When it snows 2 inches or more we will clean your driveway and/or walkways.
  • We do driveways but also walkways, if requested. Additional fee applies.
  • Because our tractors use snow blowers you won’t have to worry about fixing a wrecked lawn in the spring.
  • Our tractors provide services as soon as the weather allows us to travel to your property. If there is a very heavy snowfall our tractors may start before the end of the storm.
  • After the snowplow has cleared your area during a heavy snowfall, follow-up visits for snow removal in your driveway will be scheduled.
  • Very reasonable prices! 
  • Our prices are based on the size of your driveway, that way you only pay for what you have.

Pricing for Residential Snow Removal

Single-Shared Driveway

single-shared driveway for snow removal in London, Ontario
snow removal price for single shared driveway in london ontario

Single-Car Driveway

snow removal for single car driveway in london ontario
Snow Removal Price for single car driveway in london ontario

Double-Car Driveway

snow removal for double car driveway in london ontario
Snow Removal Price for double car driveway in London, Ontario

Triple-Car Driveway

snow removal for triple car driveway in london ontario
snow removal price for triple car driveway in London, Ontario

**Walkaway areas are extra.

Walkway Shovelling

Starting at $379 (+HST)

  • Manual Shovelling of snow in front of garage doors, as well as the front steps/walkway

Ice Melt Service

Starting at $374 (+HST)

(Early Bird Special! Price offer is valid until October 21, 2023. INQUIRE NOW!)

JETBLUE™ Ice Melter is made with SMART MELT™ de-icing technology. JETBLUE™’s unique formulation allows for faster and longer lasting ice melting capability, while sparing your vehicles & property the corrosion and toxicity found when using traditional road salt.

Its low application rate, bright colour and superior ice melting ability will make sure you have the edge on winter’s worst storms.

JetBlue ice melter
  • We’ll return after every storm to apply an ice melter – JetBlue Ice Melt – all season long.
  • The goal is to cut through hard pack/ice.
  • Slip-free conditions are not guaranteed.


These are the zones that we currently operate for snow removal.

(Click the map to zoom in.)

Note: If your location is not within the indicated zone, still feel free to drop your inquiry and we’ll take a look how best we can serve you.

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