5 Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Winter season has gone by and now you see your grassy lawn ready to receive the blessings of spring. And your next possible question might be is what the essential things are that you need to do to prepare your lawn for the good spring.

However,  when you see outside, your property is nothing like the pleasant, green, weed-free yard that you see in your mind. Some parts of your property might even have some bumpy contours due to the effects done on the soil by the cold winter. Your lawn looks quite different from the one in your mind. You’re not even sure where to begin.

Here are 5 tips that you can start doing for your lawn at the start of the spring season.

Mow at the proper height

Depending on the type of grass that you have on the property, having them cut at their proper height can promote growth, prevent weeds, and discourage insect pests.

Water deeply but not frequently

Water your lawn deeply to promote the growth of deep roots. However, just be sure that you do not do it frequently – once a week will do if you water the area deeply.  You can place a small tuna can on the lawn to help you measure how much water has been applied. When the can is full, you can stop watering. 

Roll your lawn when necessary

Due to the cold winter, some parts of your lawn may have bulged. And if you want to have that flat and level property, lawn rolling would be recommended at this time of the season.


Should there be the presence of compacted soil, lawn aeration may help address that issue. This helps water, air, and nutrients reach plant roots more easily.


Sow new seed over thinned areas.  To increase efficiency, slit seeding can be beneficial to increase the rate of germination especially in instances that thatch layer is present.

So, those are just few simple tips that you can do to your lawn during this spring.  If you have some other tips that you employ on your lawn, feel free to leave your comment below.

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